What to Do in Sunnyvale, California While Getting Your Car Detailed

When you visit Detail Plus for a cleaning, it takes some time. We’re thorough. And that means you may want something to do in the meantime. Well, we’ve got you covered! If you can arrange an alternate ride, then check out this list of things to do in beautiful Sunnyvale, California.

Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market

If you’re getting your car detailed on a Saturday, then check out the farmer’s market that’s open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. This market is filled with delicious, fresh food. Additionally, the market often features attractions like live music. To top it off, many of the vendors are happy to provide free samples!

Murphy Avenue

Murphy Avenue, located in downtown Sunnyvale, is a fantastic place to go for a stroll. This lively strip is filled with restaurants, specialty shops, cafes, and more. Stop by the Sunnyvale Theater frequently while on Murphy Avenue to see if they have live music. 

Public Art

If you like art, you’ve come to the right place. Sunnyvale is known for having more than 150 public art pieces scattered throughout the city. Stroll around to find hidden beauties or search the internet to seek out your favorites!

The Lace Museum 

Founded in 1976, The Lace Museum holds around 10,000 pieces of lace. Some of them even date back to the 1700s! The museum hosts workshops, classes, exhibits, and more! If you’re interested in the art of lace making, then check out this hidden Sunnyvale gem!

Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum

If you’re interested in learning about the history of Sunnyvale, then check out the museum next to Heritage Orchard Park. This museum is dedicated to preserving and archiving Sunnyvale’s unique history — all the way back to the Ohlone Native Americans. 

Sunnyvale Bay Trail

If you’re in the mood for hiking, biking or bird watching, then check out the Baylands trail. This is a great trail for getting outside and enjoying the day. The trail is largely dirt and gravel so make sure you have proper footwear. Don’t forget to clean off your shoes before getting back into your newly detailed car!

Your Detailing Team in Sunnyvale

While you’re out enjoying Sunnyvale, we’ll be at the detail shop making sure your car looks shiny and new when you return. To schedule an appointment with our shop, give us a call at 408-738-1888 or schedule an appointment online.

5 Summer Activities Around Silicon Valley

With the hot weather, you’re probably itching for some summer activities around Silicon Valley. We’ve got you covered. Check out our list below for some fun activities that’ll get you outside and moving! But once the driving is all done, don’t forget to stop by Detail Plus for a cleaning. Go enjoy yourself, and we’ll make your wheels look like you never left!

CJ Olson Cherry Farm

Let’s start the list off with a local favorite. CJ Olson Cherry Farm is located in Sunnyvale, CA, not far from Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus. This family farm has been around since 1899. It’s known for having some of the most delicious cherries and apricots in the region! Buy the fruit fresh, dried or chocolate covered and bring back a tasty souvenir from your trip.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

Image from the Happy Hollow website.

Happy Hollow is the perfect zoo/amusement park to visit with the family. Spend the day observing animals, going on rides, and enjoying the sunshine. This well-maintained, family-friendly park will entertain toddlers, teens, and adults alike!

Santa Clara County Fair Grounds

During the year, the Santa Clara County Fair Grounds hosts concerts, festivals, and cultural gatherings. Check online for events you might be interested in. And if you’re looking for a family-friendly day trip, plan a visit to the fair grounds during the iconic Santa Clara County fair. The fair usually takes place in late July or early August. If you visit during this time, you’ll find an abundance of rides, foods, games, and more. 

Raging Waters 

Image from the Raging Waters website.

If you’re looking to escape the heat, try taking a trip to Raging Waters. This huge water park features tons of water attractions for the whole family. Cool off with water rides, wave pools, lazy rivers, splash parks, and more!

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

If you’re in the mood for a beach day and don’t mind some driving, consider a day trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. One of California’s oldest theme parks, this beachside amusement park features plenty of rides, games, food, and more! It’s the perfect place to enjoy the beach with amusement park amenities. 

Image from the Boardwalk website.

The suggestions above are just a few of the fantastic getaway options for Silicon Valley residents. 

Visit Detail Plus for a Car Wash after the Silicon Valley Fun

Just remember, when the driving is all done, Detail Plus will make your car look as good as new! So call us or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

holding a spraying green hose

Save Water and Money — Don’t Wash Your Car at Home

It’s fun to wash your car in the driveway while your kids are playing, but using a car wash could save money and the environment. You might think that skipping the carwash could save you a few dollars. However, you’d use more water and resources at home.

Wasting Water

A typical garden hose sprays water at about 10 gallons per minute. If you’re washing your car for 20 minutes, that’s 200 gallons of water. Using our equipment at Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus, you can wash your car quicker while using significantly less water. 


Over time, your car builds up dirt, oil, salt, bird poop and other pollutants. When you wash your car at home, these pollutants will flow down the drain and occupy your water system. Additionally, the chemicals you use to clean your car combine with dirt to pollute the water. When you visit Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus, our cleaning system stops pollutants from entering the city’s water. 

Damaging Your Vehicle

If you’re doing a DIY car wash, you’re probably looking to save money. That means the quality of the wash can suffer. With unsafe cleaners, you may oxidize the paint on your car, making the color appear dull. Also, it’s easy to scratch your car while washing at home. A mix of unsafe chemicals, low-cost sponges and hose water can scrub off the paint on your vehicle. Even if you can’t see the scratches, water will eventually start to rust on damaged paint, making your car look old. To avoid scratches and dull paint, get a detail at Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus. If you still want the DIY experience, use our car wash bays. 

Your Car Won’t Look Its Best

Since we don’t normally see folks cleaning their cars at midnight, we’re guessing that most people wash their vehicles during the day. Without a roof or bay, this can cause soap build up and water spots. At Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus, our bays have roofs to negate sunshine while washing your car. You’ll have time to use our dryers before water spots and soap buildup forms. 

Show Your Car Some Love at Rainbow Carwash

If you want to wash your car yourself using better equipment than you have at home, visit Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus in Sunnyvale, California. Our family-run car wash loves new faces! If you have any questions or concerns, our manager, Brian, and assistant manager, Matt, are always available to help. Their offices are located inside the Detail Plus office behind Rainbow Carwash. 

west coast road

Road Trips in the Bay Area

If you’re looking to spend some time away with family or friends, Northern California has plenty of options that won’t put too many miles on your car. Check out our list of weekend getaways that aren’t too far from the Bay Area. But once the driving is all done, don’t forget to stop by Detail Plus for a cleaning. You go enjoy yourself, and we’ll make your wheels look like you never left!

Lake Tahoe

If you like swimming, boating, fishing, skiing, hiking or relaxing on the beach, Tahoe is the place for you. Located on the Nevada and California border, just 3-4 hours from the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe is North America’s largest alpine lake. This popular getaway location truly has something fun for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. In the summer, visitors can boat, swim, fish and relax on the beach. In the winter, Tahoe is home to a range of high-quality ski resorts. If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend in the outdoors, it’s hard to beat Lake Tahoe!

Yosemite National Park

Located just under 3 hours from the Bay Area, Yosemite National Park features some of the most beautiful nature in the U.S. People travel from all over the world to visit this stunning national park. If you like to hike, backpack, camp and explore beautiful wilderness, Yosemite National Park is a MUST SEE. Watch rock climbers take on the daunting task of climbing El Capitan, a 7,569 foot slap of solid granite. Climb Half Dome, an 8,839 foot granite dome that was cut in half by a glacier. Or, just hike, camp and enjoy the views of this wonderful valley. 


Looking for a weekend away by the sea? Look no further than Monterey! This beautiful, little town near the ocean has great seafood, cool shops and one of the most impressive aquariums in the U.S. The drive to Monterey from the Bay Area takes about 2-3 hours. But the drive includes a stunning, scenic stretch on Highway 1, which hugs the ocean near the world-famous golf course Pebble Beach!

Point Lobos

Located just a couple hours from the Bay Area in Carmel, state park Point Lobos features stunning views of the ocean and its native wildlife. Point Lobos is a great place to visit for a day trip. For a modest entry fee, you can spend the day hiking, relaxing on the beach or looking for wildlife.
The suggestions above are just a few of the fantastic getaway options for Bay Area residents. And remember: When the driving is all done, Detail Plus will make your car look as good as new! So call 408-738-1888 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

clean engine

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning your Vehicle’s Engine

If you’ve ever purchased a new or used car from a dealership, you know how clean an engine can look. The valves are shiny. The metal is clean. You can touch any part of its surface without immediately washing your hands. It starts out perfect, but it doesn’t last forever.

Many drivers spend time and effort cleaning the interiors and exteriors of their cars. But they rarely check under the hood, where dirt and grime accumulate for years.  

How can you ensure your engine is properly cleaned? A steam cleaning at Detail Plus will do the trick! Here’s a little bit more about the benefits.

Make your engine long-lasting

Getting your car’s engine steam cleaned can help extend its lifespan by keeping the engine healthy. The process will help get rid of contaminants and stray fluids, which will make your car perform better and last longer – giving you more bang for your buck!

Sometimes, fluids can leak into the engine. This causes a multitude of problems. A technician at Detail Plus can find and stop a leak at its source.

Spot trouble before it’s too late

Having a clean engine can help you spot trouble before it becomes a problem. If your engine is filthy, you’re not going to know if a small fluid leak has been there for a long time or if it just appeared.

Clean engines make leaks, cracks and other issues much easier to spot and take care of quickly.

Protect yourself from engine fires

Stains are typically a cosmetic issue, but they can become dangerous in certain parts of a vehicle. Fluid stains in your engine or undercarriage are often flammable.

Removing the buildup of combustible materials, such as leaves or oil, can lower your risk of fire hazards on the road or in the garage.

Consider scheduling an appointment with Detail Plus for an engine cleaning to mitigate the risk associated with flammable materials.  

Increase your vehicle’s resale value

You might not look at your engine as often as you should, but it’s one of the first things that a dealer or buyer might look at when considering how well the vehicle has been cared for.

It’s fairly easy to tell if an engine has been cleaned, which will increase the car’s resale value.

If you have a spare car that you are planning to give to a friend or a family member, a good steam cleaning will ensure its performance down the line.

Regardless of your car’s make or model, a steam cleaning is one of the best ways to revitalize its running capabilities and add to its lifespan.

Call Detail Plus today or visit our website to learn more about our engine-cleaning services and book your appointment!

car tire with red rag washing car

Why it’s important to wash your car

Some people wash their cars religiously. Some people wait until a nosey passerby writes “wash me” in the dirt on their back windshield. While we don’t advocate writing anything on other people’s cars, we’re going to explain why it might be a good idea to listen to that message.

It’s important to wash your car regularly. Aside from keeping your ride pretty, washing your car prevents contaminants from ruining your paint job. 

Splattered bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. can damage your paint if they’re not removed. The longer these things sit on your car, the more difficult they are to remove without chipping or etching your paint.

Will rain clean my car?

If you’re someone who likes to let Mother Nature clean your car, don’t. Rain simply doesn’t provide enough pressure to clean a car properly. Also, rain in most areas, especially around large cities, tends to be slightly acidic. As acidic rain evaporates, the moisture can cause corrosive damage to your paint. Lastly, and this should be obvious, rain doesn’t feature the most important ingredient of a good car wash — soap.

More reasons to keep your car clean 

Improving longevity

Aside from keeping your paint nice, regular cleaning can improve a car’s overall longevity. Cleaning brake dust and grime from your car’s rims can stop corrosion. And washing away engine debris can improve the interior health of your vehicle. 


When you drive, your windows, mirrors and tires should be clear of debris. Taking regular trips to the carwash will ensure that your vehicle is always clean enough to drive. If your windows and mirrors are too dirty, your vision will be obstructed while driving. This isn’t safe. Keep your ride clean!


Do you ever plan on selling or trading your vehicle? If so, it’s important to keep your vehicle looking nice now. Regular washing will help prevent rust, scratches, chipped paint, etc. These things are important for the resale value of your car. 

How often should I wash my car?

We recommend washing your car once a week. If you can’t make it to the carwash once a week, try to make it every other week. Think about washes as an investment in your car. Visit Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus for a cleaning. Or, if you’d like to make your car feel new again, schedule an appointment for one of our detail services. You’ll be surprised how nice we can make your car look!

dark window tint on a wet car

Get rid of old window tint

Nothing lasts forever — not even window tint.

Window tint can degrade over time and, regardless of whether you drive a Maserati or a Minivan, old window tint doesn’t look good.

Some common culprits of damaged window tint

Improper installation

Tint kits often make window tint seem easy to install. Don’t be fooled. In reality, applying window tint is notoriously difficult to perfect. Simply slapping dyed films on your window isn’t enough. It’s important to prepare the glass properly and cut the film correctly. Afterward, the film must set and cure properly on the window. Failing to apply the film correctly will leave the tint vulnerable to major rips.


You get what you pay for. Some window tints are lower quality than others. Low quality window tint will tear easier. We recommend consulting with professional installers to get the best bang for your buck.

Failing adhesives

Adhesives that attach tint film to windows often become weaker with age. Over time, this can cause tint to separate from windows. If this happens, windows will develop areas of uneven color and tint. Adhesive on low quality window tint is more likely to fail with age. 

So, is your tint cracking, peeling or bubbling off your vehicle? Consider scheduling an appointment with Detail Plus to have it removed.

Aside from hurting your car’s exterior aesthetic, old window tint most likely isn’t providing you with the light-blocking effect that it’s intended for. It can also cause dangerous driving situations if you’re unable to see out of your window.

Removing aged window tint can give your car an instant beauty boost and help you avoid a citation for driving with an obstructed view.

Have you checked your state’s tint laws lately? You might be surprised to know that each state has its own laws regarding window tint. For example in California, at least 70% of light must be able to penetrate the tint on the front and side windows.     

At Detail Plus, we can help you replace old or noncompliant window tint and recommend a newer style. This can dramatically increase the aesthetic of your ride and improve your comfort while driving — making this a win-win!

Additionally, many newer versions of window tint use UV protection film, which can protect you from UV rays and keep your car cooler during Summer months.  

Head on down to Detail Plus and we’ll help with your window tint needs for a good price.

Scratched toy truck

Make sure to fix paint scratches before it’s too late

Nobody likes scratched paint. Whether you drive a new or used car, scratched paint will decrease the value and aesthetic of your ride. And looks aside, little scratches can lead to larger problems than you think.

Types of scratches

Before you can understand the greater complications that accompany paint scratches, it’s important to understand the different types of scratches. To make things simple, let’s break it down into three types.

Clear coat scratches

Most cars have a thin layer of exterior clear coat, which protects the paint from sunlight, rain, dust and more. If a scratch fails to break through this protective layer, the fix will be a piece of cake. 

Paint primer scratch

Most car bodies also feature primer, which gives the paint job a shiny, smooth surface. If a scratch busts through your clear coat and exposes the primer, the fix becomes slightly more complicated and will likely require professional help and touch-up paint.

Full paint scratch

If a scratch busts through your paint job entirely and exposes the metal underneath — it’s not good. Sharp objects and major accidents often cause these types of scratches, which are difficult to fix and require professional help. If you find a scratch like this, get help ASAP to avoid further complications. Seriously, “keying” cars is NOT cool.

Why fix scratches?

Aside from being an eyesore, untreated paint scratches often lead to greater complications. 

If a scratch compromises the clear coat or paint primer of your car, the exterior will be exposed to the elements. Over time, this causes rust, which will greatly reduce the resale value of your car. Also, scratched paint can often lead to paint chipping in surrounding areas. 

The bottom line

Don’t ignore scratches on your car – they can be more damaging than you think. 

And make sure to have professionals look at any scratches you find. While you might find many “home remedies” for scratch marks circulating online, using the wrong treatment on your car can make the paint job look worse.

Luckily for you, Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus offers services to assess and buff out scratches. We even provide free touch-up paint with any exterior detail package.

Call 408-738-1888 or schedule an appointment online.

Sparkling clean car interior

Our Detail Services Will Make Your Car Feel New!

When was the last time you gave your car some love? Chipped paint, dull headlights and minor dents might not seem like a big deal. But when it comes to taking care of the vehicle that gets you from point A to point B, a few detailing services go a long way.

Window tint

Erosion and peeling are some of the first symptoms of window tint distress. Not only is this a major eyesore, but it’s also hazardous. Damaged window tint can obstruct your view while driving.

Luckily, Detail Plus has removal services for window tint that’s starting to show its age. Prices range from $85-$150.

Paint touch ups

Minor paint chips can take away from the look of your vehicle. If your car has small chips or scratches, consider taking it to Detail Plus for a touch-up.

Try one of our exterior detail packages, which include touch-ups. Or, give us a call for a free estimate.

Headlight restoration

Blue car with bright, clean headlights

Every new car starts out with a pair of shiny, clean headlights. But over time, headlights often develop a dull, cloudy appearance. Not only does this take away from the look of the car, but it’s also a major safety hazard.

Every new car starts out with a pair of shiny, clean headlights. But over time, headlights often develop a dull, cloudy appearance. Not only does this take away from the look of the car, but it’s also a major safety hazard.

Yellow, scratched, cloudy or oxidized headlight covers are telltale signs of aging. It’s important to replace old headlights before they become a safety hazard.

Detail Plus can make your headlights look brand new with a two-year guarantee. Restorations cost $50 per lens. And we’ll give you 50% off if you buy a restoration with any detail package.

Dent removal

Accidents happen. Usually, the older a car gets, the more scratches, dings and dents it accumulates. Regardless of the reason for these blemishes, Detail Plus can help make your car look new again.

Our experienced detailers can buff out or repair most scratches, blemishes and dents. It’ll look as if they never happened.

Exterior detail

Detail Plus offers many services to spruce up your ride, but our exterior detail is the full package. Some of our options include:

  • A complete hand wash
  • Paint polishing and sealing
  • Wheel cleaning
  • Window cleaning and polishing

Prices range from $200-$250, depending on the size of your vehicle.

Interior detail

Don’t forget about the inside! Detail Plus’ interior detail will allow you to improve the aesthetic of your vehicle.

Services include:

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Leather, vinyl and plastic cleaning
  • Seat belt and headliner cleaning
  • Trunk space cleaning
  • Window and door jam cleaning

Prices vary from $200-$250, depending on the size of your vehicle. Package these with an exterior detail for a bargain.