Make sure to fix paint scratches before it’s too late

Nobody likes scratched paint. Whether you drive a new or used car, scratched paint will decrease the value and aesthetic of your ride. And looks aside, little scratches can lead to larger problems than you think.

Types of scratches

Before you can understand the greater complications that accompany paint scratches, it’s important to understand the different types of scratches. To make things simple, let’s break it down into three types.

Clear coat scratches

Most cars have a thin layer of exterior clear coat, which protects the paint from sunlight, rain, dust and more. If a scratch fails to break through this protective layer, the fix will be a piece of cake. 

Paint primer scratch

Most car bodies also feature primer, which gives the paint job a shiny, smooth surface. If a scratch busts through your clear coat and exposes the primer, the fix becomes slightly more complicated and will likely require professional help and touch-up paint.

Full paint scratch

If a scratch busts through your paint job entirely and exposes the metal underneath — it’s not good. Sharp objects and major accidents often cause these types of scratches, which are difficult to fix and require professional help. If you find a scratch like this, get help ASAP to avoid further complications. Seriously, “keying” cars is NOT cool.

Why fix scratches?

Aside from being an eyesore, untreated paint scratches often lead to greater complications. 

If a scratch compromises the clear coat or paint primer of your car, the exterior will be exposed to the elements. Over time, this causes rust, which will greatly reduce the resale value of your car. Also, scratched paint can often lead to paint chipping in surrounding areas. 

The bottom line

Don’t ignore scratches on your car – they can be more damaging than you think. 

And make sure to have professionals look at any scratches you find. While you might find many “home remedies” for scratch marks circulating online, using the wrong treatment on your car can make the paint job look worse.

Luckily for you, Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus offers services to assess and buff out scratches. We even provide free touch-up paint with any exterior detail package.

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