What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a solution primarily composed of SiO2 (Silicone Dioxide), which chemically bonds to a vehicle’s clear coat and creates a new, glossy layer. This new, semi-permanent layer is extremely hydrophobic and inhibits UV rays. It protects against paint fading and clear coat peeling.

Think of it as a long-term replacement for wax or sealant. It’s durable and lasts for many years with proper care and washing. The glossy finish and easy maintenance during the life of the coating makes the price well worth it!

What Ceramic Coating is NOT

Ceramic coating is not magic. It won’t keep your car clean forever without maintenance. You’ll still need to wash the vehicle properly. Unfortunately, there is no magical, dirt-repelling product that can eliminate the need to wash your vehicle. But this product can keep dirt and dust at bay while making it very easy to clean your car.

we are now offering ceramic coating

Services & Pricing

Paint Correction

All ceramic coating packages include an exterior detail and paint correction. Extra charges may apply for severely damaged paint.

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Inspiration 3+ Year Ceramic Coating

Application of Inspiration Ceramic Coating to all exterior painted surfaces. 

Small: $1,000 | Med: $1,100 | Large: $1,200 | XL: $1,300+

The Inspiration 3+ Year Ceramic Coating comes with a warranty

Legend 5+ Year Coating

Application of Legend Coating to all exterior painted surfaces. 

Small: $1,300 | Med: $1,400 | Large: $1,500 | XL: $1,600+

The Legend Coating lasts 5+ years with proper maintenance.

Inspiration Vue Glass Coating

*If purchased in addition to the Inspiration Ceramic Coating package

All windows polished and coated – Starting at $150
*If purchased A-La Carte – Starting at $250

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Ceramic Maintenance Detail

This service includes a detailed wash, inspection and polish touch-up. Lastly, we’ll apply a layer of Inspiration Sole coating. We recommend this service on a yearly basis after the initial ceramic coating for drastically increased longevity.

Small: $275 | Med: $300 | Large: $325 | XL: $350+

Ceramic Maintenance Washes

Using the safest wash method possible, we will reduce paint scratches or marring. We will also apply a maintenance spray to add gloss and protection to the coating.

Small: $40 | Med: $45 | Large: $50 | XL: $55+

*Prices listed are for an exterior wash only.

Interior vacuuming and wipe down can be added for $15 Small-Med | $20 Large

Call us for an accurate estimate.