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Had a scratch on the exterior of my side mirror. I called Detail Plus, and Matthew suggested I come by the shop for an in-person check on the scratch. When I arrive, he was able to help me within a few minutes and buff out the scratch as best as possible. Extremely professional, quick and efficient service provided. 10/10 will be coming back for sure! Thanks Matt!

Penelope L
Yelp, February 2020

Very happy with the detail work they did on my car. So crazy that they get to every nook-and-cranny. I keep discovering new clean places on the car and amazed every time! Fun having a ‘new’ car again.

Bob E
Google, February 2020

I am very happy that Detail Plus has done a wonderful job on my car. I bought package 3 + bottom cleaning. Jeff and his team completed the job on time with very high quality. I have no reservation in recommending Detail Plus to anyone!!

John C
Google, February 2020

Super thorough and even got some blemishes on the hood off, which the previous detailer couldn’t! Fast turnaround. Would definitely use again.

David H
Google, February 202

I was in a bit of a situation (had a ton of errands to run and was leaving for Tahoe in a few hours) and had spilled some motor oil in my engine compartment the night before. I frantically called every engine cleaning place early in the morning until Jeff told me that I could self-wash my engine in their outer bay for just $1 a minute. I quickly drove over and Jeff met me outside to show me which hoses I needed and how to clean my engine. However, he ended up hosing my engine for me which was very kind of him. It was the quick solution I needed rather than the full blown hour long cleaning that every other place was trying to force on me, and I’m glad Jeff gave me the 5 minute option after hearing my situation. Overall, service and honesty were A+.

Sophia C
Yelp, February 2020

I took my car here yesterday for the detail package 1. It took less than 3 hours, and the car was very clean and shiny. The inside was also very well cleaned. I drove the car to work in rain, and after arriving, all of the rain had slid off. I would definitely recommend having your car cared for here. The price is pretty good for the service offered.

Ovidio R
Google, January 2020

Everyone there was extremely helpful!  I had to have the interior vomit cleaning done to my friends car.  It was really bad, under the seat, inside the door pocket, holes in the leather of the seats, they got me in the same day!  They kept the car for a good 4 hours, and once I got it back it was just like new, this was a new Audi Q7 so I was freaking out.  They did an amazing job!  I highly recommend them!!

Cheryl S
Google, January 2020

I had the winter special and WOW!!!! My car looks brand new!!! They did an AMAZING job!!! They even cleaned my sons car seat!!! Very nice staff and Jeff was wonderful to work with! Highly recommended!!!

Thank you Jeff and staff!!!

Erin B
Yelp, January 2020

My Accord had been outside from a heavy rainstorm the night before I took it to Detail Plus and it had leaves stuck under the windshield wipers and stains on the paint from tree sap and bird poop. I’d never seen my car so dirty which is why I was so impressed with how clean my car looked after getting it back from Detail Plus. The car looked even better than when I first bought it from the dealership. The paint was silky smooth and the stains were all completely removed. The detailing was also finished an hour ahead of the time they told me when I dropped the car off. I opted for their Detail Plus Package #1 and I would say I got more than my money’s worth in service.

Aaron L
Yelp, November 2019

Unbelievable results. Got package #3 which included full interior, full exterior, and even detail cleaning the engine. Also added on headlight restoration. They threw in touching up all the flaws in the paint if you just bring in the touch up paint. In total came out to $400 even and left with a car that looked brand new again.

Justin M
Google, November 2019

Had my SUV in for detail package #2. Extremely professional, finished before the quoted time, my vehicle was gorgeous and damn near immaculate. I’ve never paid for a full detail so was shocked at the price, but Detail Plus delivered on their service, so I feel this was worth every penny – buffing out scuffs in my paint.

Jonathan Q
Yelp, September 2019

I got my BMW detailed here, both interior and exterior, and it looks amazing! The car looks brand new and their attention to detail is much appreciated. They hit all the little spots. On top of that, they even touched up all the little knicks and paint chips for free when I went back a week later after buying paint. They’re definitely getting my business again.

Saif E
Yelp, June 2019

It may be hidden behind a carwash but it provides excellent service and does a wonderful job. You know they take great pride in their work when they pay attention to detail! I spilled a whole bowl of sangria in my car and detail plus took car of it, and cleaned it up.

Paul C
Google, April 2019

Detail Plus is a bit hidden by a self service car wash in front of it. I have been taking my Corvette here for the past two years. I think they do an excellent job at a fair price. I took home a first place award at last year’s Corvette Spectacular in Los Altos after having my Corvette detailed here before the show. I showed my trophy to Jeff and thanked him and the person who detailed my car. I plan to bring my Corvette here every six months for their package 3 detail, which includes the exterior, interior and engine.

David K
Google, April 2019

I’ve been going to this Detail Plus for over 10 years and have gotten the best service you could ask for. My car looks fantastic after they’ve gone through it and I even get compliments from the car dealer. Can’t say enough good things about them.

Gary M
Google, April 2019

This place is absolutely fantastic.

I’ve had my car detailed several times in the past, and every time I’ve felt that I could have done a much better job myself.

Details Plus is the first time I’ve been amazed out how good of a job they did. There’s no way I could have ever done as nice of a job as they did.

Jake H
Google, April 2019

I had my car detailed prior to selling in (inside/outside/engine). Turned out great. Jeff also had a dent repair person stop by and fix two dents. The car looked great and sold within 2 days of listing it on craigslist. Thanks!

Jon K
Google, April 2019

I am Very Pleased!!!

It has been almost 3 years since I bought the new car. sure I have cleaned it a couple times. But lately I noticed that it was time for the complete overhaul.

I have been to Detail Plus many times in the past so I already knew that I was going to get excellent service. Dropped my vehicle off in the morning and picked it up after hours at 9.

In the morning I checked it all out and it was like having a BRAND NEW CAR again. LOVE IT!

I do feel a little sad knowing that I am going to dirty it up again.

Google, March 2019

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