dark window tint on a wet car

Get rid of old window tint

Nothing lasts forever — not even window tint.

Window tint can degrade over time and, regardless of whether you drive a Maserati or a Minivan, old window tint doesn’t look good.

Some common culprits of damaged window tint

Improper installation

Tint kits often make window tint seem easy to install. Don’t be fooled. In reality, applying window tint is notoriously difficult to perfect. Simply slapping dyed films on your window isn’t enough. It’s important to prepare the glass properly and cut the film correctly. Afterward, the film must set and cure properly on the window. Failing to apply the film correctly will leave the tint vulnerable to major rips.


You get what you pay for. Some window tints are lower quality than others. Low quality window tint will tear easier. We recommend consulting with professional installers to get the best bang for your buck.

Failing adhesives

Adhesives that attach tint film to windows often become weaker with age. Over time, this can cause tint to separate from windows. If this happens, windows will develop areas of uneven color and tint. Adhesive on low quality window tint is more likely to fail with age. 

So, is your tint cracking, peeling or bubbling off your vehicle? Consider scheduling an appointment with Detail Plus to have it removed.

Aside from hurting your car’s exterior aesthetic, old window tint most likely isn’t providing you with the light-blocking effect that it’s intended for. It can also cause dangerous driving situations if you’re unable to see out of your window.

Removing aged window tint can give your car an instant beauty boost and help you avoid a citation for driving with an obstructed view.

Have you checked your state’s tint laws lately? You might be surprised to know that each state has its own laws regarding window tint. For example in California, at least 70% of light must be able to penetrate the tint on the front and side windows.     

At Detail Plus, we can help you replace old or noncompliant window tint and recommend a newer style. This can dramatically increase the aesthetic of your ride and improve your comfort while driving — making this a win-win!

Additionally, many newer versions of window tint use UV protection film, which can protect you from UV rays and keep your car cooler during Summer months.  

Head on down to Detail Plus and we’ll help with your window tint needs for a good price.

Sparkling clean car interior

Our Detail Services Will Make Your Car Feel New!

When was the last time you gave your car some love? Chipped paint, dull headlights and minor dents might not seem like a big deal. But when it comes to taking care of the vehicle that gets you from point A to point B, a few detailing services go a long way.

Window tint

Erosion and peeling are some of the first symptoms of window tint distress. Not only is this a major eyesore, but it’s also hazardous. Damaged window tint can obstruct your view while driving.

Luckily, Detail Plus has removal services for window tint that’s starting to show its age. Prices range from $85-$150.

Paint touch ups

Minor paint chips can take away from the look of your vehicle. If your car has small chips or scratches, consider taking it to Detail Plus for a touch-up.

Try one of our exterior detail packages, which include touch-ups. Or, give us a call for a free estimate.

Headlight restoration

Blue car with bright, clean headlights

Every new car starts out with a pair of shiny, clean headlights. But over time, headlights often develop a dull, cloudy appearance. Not only does this take away from the look of the car, but it’s also a major safety hazard.

Every new car starts out with a pair of shiny, clean headlights. But over time, headlights often develop a dull, cloudy appearance. Not only does this take away from the look of the car, but it’s also a major safety hazard.

Yellow, scratched, cloudy or oxidized headlight covers are telltale signs of aging. It’s important to replace old headlights before they become a safety hazard.

Detail Plus can make your headlights look brand new with a two-year guarantee. Restorations cost $50 per lens. And we’ll give you 50% off if you buy a restoration with any detail package.

Dent removal

Accidents happen. Usually, the older a car gets, the more scratches, dings and dents it accumulates. Regardless of the reason for these blemishes, Detail Plus can help make your car look new again.

Our experienced detailers can buff out or repair most scratches, blemishes and dents. It’ll look as if they never happened.

Exterior detail

Detail Plus offers many services to spruce up your ride, but our exterior detail is the full package. Some of our options include:

  • A complete hand wash
  • Paint polishing and sealing
  • Wheel cleaning
  • Window cleaning and polishing

Prices range from $200-$250, depending on the size of your vehicle.

Interior detail

Don’t forget about the inside! Detail Plus’ interior detail will allow you to improve the aesthetic of your vehicle.

Services include:

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Leather, vinyl and plastic cleaning
  • Seat belt and headliner cleaning
  • Trunk space cleaning
  • Window and door jam cleaning

Prices vary from $200-$250, depending on the size of your vehicle. Package these with an exterior detail for a bargain.