Save Water and Money — Don’t Wash Your Car at Home

It’s fun to wash your car in the driveway while your kids are playing, but using a car wash could save money and the environment. You might think that skipping the carwash could save you a few dollars. However, you’d use more water and resources at home.

Wasting Water

A typical garden hose sprays water at about 10 gallons per minute. If you’re washing your car for 20 minutes, that’s 200 gallons of water. Using our equipment at Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus, you can wash your car quicker while using significantly less water. 


Over time, your car builds up dirt, oil, salt, bird poop and other pollutants. When you wash your car at home, these pollutants will flow down the drain and occupy your water system. Additionally, the chemicals you use to clean your car combine with dirt to pollute the water. When you visit Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus, our cleaning system stops pollutants from entering the city’s water. 

Damaging Your Vehicle

If you’re doing a DIY car wash, you’re probably looking to save money. That means the quality of the wash can suffer. With unsafe cleaners, you may oxidize the paint on your car, making the color appear dull. Also, it’s easy to scratch your car while washing at home. A mix of unsafe chemicals, low-cost sponges and hose water can scrub off the paint on your vehicle. Even if you can’t see the scratches, water will eventually start to rust on damaged paint, making your car look old. To avoid scratches and dull paint, get a detail at Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus. If you still want the DIY experience, use our car wash bays. 

Your Car Won’t Look Its Best

Since we don’t normally see folks cleaning their cars at midnight, we’re guessing that most people wash their vehicles during the day. Without a roof or bay, this can cause soap build up and water spots. At Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus, our bays have roofs to negate sunshine while washing your car. You’ll have time to use our dryers before water spots and soap buildup forms. 

Show Your Car Some Love at Rainbow Carwash

If you want to wash your car yourself using better equipment than you have at home, visit Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus in Sunnyvale, California. Our family-run car wash loves new faces! If you have any questions or concerns, our manager, Brian, and assistant manager, Matt, are always available to help. Their offices are located inside the Detail Plus office behind Rainbow Carwash.