5 Summer Activities Around Silicon Valley

With the hot weather, you’re probably itching for some summer activities around Silicon Valley. We’ve got you covered. Check out our list below for some fun activities that’ll get you outside and moving! But once the driving is all done, don’t forget to stop by Detail Plus for a cleaning. Go enjoy yourself, and we’ll make your wheels look like you never left!

CJ Olson Cherry Farm

Let’s start the list off with a local favorite. CJ Olson Cherry Farm is located in Sunnyvale, CA, not far from Rainbow Carwash Detail Plus. This family farm has been around since 1899. It’s known for having some of the most delicious cherries and apricots in the region! Buy the fruit fresh, dried or chocolate covered and bring back a tasty souvenir from your trip.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

Image from the Happy Hollow website.

Happy Hollow is the perfect zoo/amusement park to visit with the family. Spend the day observing animals, going on rides, and enjoying the sunshine. This well-maintained, family-friendly park will entertain toddlers, teens, and adults alike!

Santa Clara County Fair Grounds

During the year, the Santa Clara County Fair Grounds hosts concerts, festivals, and cultural gatherings. Check online for events you might be interested in. And if you’re looking for a family-friendly day trip, plan a visit to the fair grounds during the iconic Santa Clara County fair. The fair usually takes place in late July or early August. If you visit during this time, you’ll find an abundance of rides, foods, games, and more. 

Raging Waters 

Image from the Raging Waters website.

If you’re looking to escape the heat, try taking a trip to Raging Waters. This huge water park features tons of water attractions for the whole family. Cool off with water rides, wave pools, lazy rivers, splash parks, and more!

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

If you’re in the mood for a beach day and don’t mind some driving, consider a day trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. One of California’s oldest theme parks, this beachside amusement park features plenty of rides, games, food, and more! It’s the perfect place to enjoy the beach with amusement park amenities. 

Image from the Boardwalk website.

The suggestions above are just a few of the fantastic getaway options for Silicon Valley residents. 

Visit Detail Plus for a Car Wash after the Silicon Valley Fun

Just remember, when the driving is all done, Detail Plus will make your car look as good as new! So call us or visit our website to schedule an appointment.